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Recreational Raw Meaty Bones

Recreational Raw Meaty Bones


Raw bones for dogs = uncooked raw bones usually filled with marrow (the fatty substance found in the cavity of the bone). This can include ribs, tails, necks, hips, femurs, knuckles etc 

Usually served frozen, recreational bones are a delicious treat that provide mental stimulation and a good teeth cleaning.

Fun fact: dogs’ natural desire to chew on bones comes from the fact that they are carnivorous canines 99.9% similar to wolves. In the wild, wolves kill their prey and chew on bones—so dogs chewing on bones is only natural! 



You might have noticed that our frozen raw and freeze-dried food for dogs are made up of 95% meat, organs and bone. Bones, specifically, are a nutritional requirement for dogs as they contain important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals.

These edible bones or bone meal typically don’t contain marrow and are ground up finely and put into dog food. Compared to recreational bones, bones found in your dog’s bowl are absolutely a vital nutritional requirement and not a recreational food.

Recreational bones aren’t a proper substitute for bone meal or edible bones found in dog food because dogs don’t get the same amount of calcium, phosphorus, and trace minerals as they do from edible bones. Recreational bones are a yummy healthy snack not meant to replace the basic nutritional requirement of bone for dogs. 

Bones & Co. 1:1 raw and freeze-dried recipes are complete and balanced, formulated with the proper level of ground bone. Now you get to do the fun part: give your dog a recreational bone to make their tail wag!



While we’ve already mentioned a few, here are the major benefits of raw bones for dogs: 

  • Raw bones clean teeth: when a dog chews on a bone, they remove tartar or calculus from their teeth, which supports the natural health of your pet’s teeth and gums. Tartar is a big problem. Once tartar or calculus starts to build up on teeth, plague can enter under the gum line causing inflammation (gingivitis) and this invites bad bacteria to enter into the gums and body. Over time, this can lead to infection all over the body...issues in the joints, liver, and elsewhere. Tartar build up should be avoided at all costs. 

  • Raw bones are all-natural: compared to highly-processed and highly-chemical rawhide chews, bones are all natural! This whole, unprocessed food works with dogs bodies and doesn’t contain unnecessary chemicals or preservatives—the only preservative is the freezer! 

  • Raw bones provide mental stimulation: dogs, especially puppies, have an innate desire to chew. By providing dogs with a positive outlet for their chewing, you won’t have to worry as much about your dog chewing on things they aren’t supposed to (like your favorite pair of socks). When dogs are mentally stimulated, they will be far less likely to act out and cause destruction elsewhere in the house.   

Our Bones are responsibly sourced and are sold from mixed species and not from single protein unless specified. 

Beef, Pork or Lamb Bones are used.

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