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Frozen Rats

Frozen Rats



Frozen Rats are a healthy, nutritious meal for many pet reptiles as well as many amphibians, birds of prey and other exotic pets for which they form a staple diet. Our frozen rats are ethically bred and euthanise humanely before being packed into convenient, clear plastic bags and shipped using ice packs, in polystyrene boxed and on a next working day delivery service to ensure freshness and nutrition. 


Frozen Rats Sizes


Pups 4-10g,

Fluffs 12-17g,

Chubb 25-34g,

Sm Weaner 34-49g,

Med Weaner 50-60g,

Large Weaner 60-90g,

Small 100g+,

Medium 130g+,

Large 200g+,

XL 300g+,

Jumbo 350g+,

Giant 450g+


There is a £30 minimum spend on frozen food items and the £10 delivery charge applies only once, no matter how large your order allowing you to stock up and save. 


Frozen Pet Food Right On Your Doorstep

If you’re not sure what the right food is for your pet, please feel free to get in touch and our team will be able to help. For anything else, please take a look at our other pet supplies including Live Food for Reptiles, Reptile Supplements and Reptile Lighting with other products available to order.




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VAT Included
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