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Bonio Dog Treats

Bonio Dog Treats


Bonio Biscuit Dog Food

Happy dog tip: All dogs love playing games. One you can try ‘bitesize’ Bonio biscuits or ‘the original’ (depending on how hungry he is!) is hiding a treasure trail while your dog’s not looking. Then set him off on a Bonio search. He’ll soon get the idea; Just don’t hide any behind your favourite vase!


For more interesting facts and fun, why not visit our Bonio website: our delicious BONIO® Adult dog biscuits and surprise your dog with a tasty treat he’ll love! Wholesome and nutritious, our yummy biscuits contain carefully selected ingredients and provide your dog with the vitamins and minerals he needs to help maintain a healthy adult life. Our dog biscuits don’t just taste great, they also help care for your dog's healthy teeth, gums and even digestive health. BONIO® Adult dog biscuits are tasty and also low in fat to help your dog maintains a good body condition*. Treat your canine companion and watch his tail wag in excitement!*when fed according to the guidelines. Made with carefully selected ingredients our BONIO® Adult dog biscuits are ideal treats for your dog. A great way to help keep your dog’s teeth in good condition! The tasty, crunchy texture of our oven biscuits helps remove plaque and reduce the risk of tartar build-up. Our BONIO® Adult dog biscuits are low in fat to help support your dog’s active lifestyle and help him maintain a good body condition. Purina care about pets’ nutritional needs. All recipes have been carefully developed by Purina experts to be nutritious and good for your dog. There is a Bonio to suit every dog’s taste buds (even the fussy ones!)As delicious as always… ‘chicken’ is for all adult dogs and paw sizes.Much tastier than the posties’ trouser leg… ‘bitesize’ is specially prepared for smaller dogs’ appetites. For a quick biscuit moment, why not grab a handful on your way out for walkies? Keep your dog busy (and happy!) for longer with this extra special dual-textured ‘Rawhide’.Factory registration number: UK414L0904A complementary pet food that’s great at the morning, noon and night!Developed by PURINA® vets and nutritionistsPack size: 1.2KGWith fibre to help support healthy digestionLow in fat


Feeding Instructions:

Feed supervised as part of a balanced diet. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.



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